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Flow play

Flow play

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The Flow Play ring exudes a unique fusion of swag from the hip-hop world and serenity from the yoga world. Intricate patterns engraved on the ring's surface blend elements of hip-hop beats and yogic symbols. Wearing this ring feels like carrying a piece of hip-hop culture and yogic wisdom with you, exuding both strength and calmness, confidence and inner peace. The fusion of these two worlds creates a harmonious balance, symbolizing the yin and yang of life. 

sterling silver 925


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Emphasis: It is recommended to measure the finger when the body temperature is in a neutral state, not after exertion and not when you are very cold. The size of the right and left finger may be different, so you should measure the finger of the hand on which you want the ring.
*We do not recommend guessing the size of your rings.

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